About Cakolyre

Cakolyre is a québécois queer multidisciplinary artist leading a double life as a technician social worker by day and ''artist'' on nights and weekends. Despite their weariness towards humans, they strangely enjoy helping them find ressources for their needs in the social work field, but seeks solitude and almost strictly virtual contacts the rest of the time, if any at all.

Half raised as catholic against their will, Cakolyre now exorcises some values, lessons and knowledge they gathered from this religion a long time ago. It's mostly reflected through their pieces, both as a critique that can be found both in society and in religion itself. How both should be about uniting and helping each other while they actually profit from the weakest and grows stronger and selfish on the backs of the ''lowest citizens''
They seek to highlight high contrasts in both the subject and the imagery (be it by the natural high contrast of the palette, the words and images or the thoughts they try to provoque in the person witnessing a piece.)

This personnal aspect of life, their social values and activism pushed towards a philosophy/critique about the affordability of art. For centuries, the elite have been the ones most susceptible to afford original art pieces, their patronnage and tastes through time has created a social class within art itself.
It is time to let the people make, reach and afford art pieces that can help soothe the soul, or simply for the enjoyable-relatable feeling it can bring.

Linocutting is the best way Cakolyre has found yet to bring this affordability to their supporters and help them own their own original handmade pieces.
Hopefully this can help bring a new horizon for people or for the art market (which needs a revolution some time anyway.)