Bookmarks (individual)

  • Bookmarks (individual)
  • Bookmarks (individual)

Individual bookmarks. Process: These bookmarks are entirely handmade. Composed of quality paper scraps used for the bigger works of this shop, these cuts were later used to print part of Cakolyre's linocuts. They are then laminated to be used (hopefully) for years of use. A hand-braided cord and a ball complete the whole, with the signature on the back of the bookmark.

Even if they can represent the same work several times, the printing process makes each bookmark very unique. The framing and grain of each bookmark varies, as well as the size (usually between 3.5 and 4.75cm wide by 17 and 20cm high) because they are made from scraps, which avoids the waste of paper.
The ball may also vary from image; either an all-black ball or one with a grey line in the center.
For adventurous, there are also unique bookmarks made of unique compositions.