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Custom Valentine’s Card

$10.00 - $150.00
  • Custom Valentine’s Card

Get your very own hand drawn Vday card from Cakolyre. Limited in numbers because February is approaching so fast.

-Drawn on matte cardstock paper
-They measure approximately 11,5x 17 cm
-Interior is left blank for your own personalization but I can write a message for you if you want the card shipped directly to your unloved one.
-Will come with an envelope.
- Surprise sticker included 🤍

Pitch your idea in a few words, or a single word. Or give me free reign to chose the idea, as you wish! (If your idea ends up being too complicated or a total blank to my brain ((it happens)) I might chose an idea on my side)
LET ME KNOW WITH THE NOTE OPTION once you order. If there's no note I'll do whatever I want ✨

The difference in price will determine in the amount of time I will spend in the card. A minimum of 20-30 mins will be spent on each though.