Tattoo token

  • Tattoo token

A small symbolic price to get any of my pieces tattooed.
You don't actually HAVE to pay it if you can't afford it but I would GREATLY appreciate it as a tip for the artwork and to pursue my passion🤍 (but if you're getting tattooed, let's be honest, you usually would be able to afford that little tip)
In any case, if you are getting any of my designs tattooed I would appreciate for you to contact me first so I know your plan.

Whether you are paying the token or not, if you want to get any of my art tattooed;

☠️ Please do not modify the original design unless it's necessary. If so, I want to see the modifications beforehand.

☠️ You must send me a picture of the final results so I can share it on social medias.

☠️ Please enjoy the tattooing experience and make sure you give a big thanks to the tattoo artist!

PS A good tattoo artist should usually inquire about the right to use another artist's pieces for tattooing. They can contact me by the website or on Instagram to verify with me.